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Brian Freeman is regarded as one of Australia’s most accomplished adventurers. He is unquestionably one of Australia’s best at what he does. Usually, most people who are passionate about adventure sports only concentrate on one discipline, such as long-distance kayaking, mountain climbing, or jungle running.

Brian Freeman has excelled in various disciplines. He has been able to accomplish these through hard work and dedication.

Brian Freeman of Australia holds numerous world records and “firsts” in adventure for various endurance events. These include being the first person to walk, run, and kayak to and from Australia’s four cardinal extremes. Brian Freeman also crossed Australia’s Simpson Desert on foot twice. He crossed the Kokoda Trail 59 times, including the record for the fastest ever crossing and walking from Australia’s easternmost point to its westernmost point, a total distance of almost 5500 kilometers. What’s more, Brian freeman swam the famed Melbourne RIP. He’s also the sole person to run from Australia’s northernmost point to its southernmost point between kayaking Bass Strait, a trip that took 85 days and covered almost 6000 kilometers.

As the only person to have successfully climbed all four of Australia’s highest peaks, it should be no surprise that Brian Freeman of Australia also summited Mount Everest.

Besides breaking world records on his own, Brian Freeman helps people reach their goals and challenges themselves outside their comfort zone. As the CEO of his own company, Brian has the highest success rate and safety record in the industry.

Since he started his own company, Brian Freeman of Australia has been highly sought-after. His passion for adventure sports has helped people from all skill levels achieve their goals. He is also common to accompany Australia’s sporting and corporate elite on private expeditions worldwide. He has received numerous awards, such as the Spirit of Adventure Award from the Australian Geographic Society.

Besides being an accomplished athlete, Brian is also the author of two books and working on a third. His first publication, The Lost Battlefield of Kokoda, describes Brian’s relationship with the residents of Alola – a small village along the Kokoda Trail in Papua and New Guinea.

The trust that the village people placed in Brian Freeman of Australia led to the discovery of a secret battlefield, which has been untouched since the Second World War. Maps were mistakenly drawn after the battle between Australian and Japanese forces, which resulted in the jungle taking the battlefield. Brian assisted the archeologists in charting and authenticating the battlefield and established a trust to safeguard it.

Brian Freeman is also a highly sought-after international keynote speaker. He frequently appears at sold-out venues and receives standing ovations.

The audience members who attend Brian Freeman’s events include some of Australia’s most prominent political figures, such as Governor Generals and Prime Ministers. His incredible feats of endurance are often attributed to his great strength and determination.

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