The travel industry, while facing minor setbacks throughout the pandemic, still remains one of the highest-grossing trades in the world. Globetrotters are looking forward to stepping foot onto foreign lands once more, specifically the adventure enthusiasts who have been yearning to experience a slice of the adrenaline rush associated with adventure travel. Whether you’re a novice thrill-seeker or a winning medalist, you could benefit from the following perks of hiring a private adventure guide on your next trip.

More Intimate and Personalized

On a large tour, you might feel lost in the crowd, wondering why all of your dollars couldn’t have bought you a more personalized experience. Given the ratio between tour guides and customers on large tours, it can be challenging for the tour guide to give each attendee the attention they need. By hiring a private adventure guide for your excursion, you’ll have one-on-one conversations and training sessions, making your experience ten times more immersive. This more intimate experience can also allow you to personalize your time, allowing you and your guide to heighten the intensity without worrying about other group members who wouldn’t be able to keep up with your pace.

Heightened Safety

Although many of the activities offered by private adventure guides tend to err on the side of risk, your guide will be trained in proper safety methods and will pay utmost attention to following these guidelines since their personal name and brand will be on the line. A private adventure guide will know the off-limits sections to avoid and the secret safe spots that major tourist groups don’t bring you to. With fewer people in your party, your guide will be able to keep a watchful eye over you more thoroughly and make sure nobody wanders off into a dangerous zone.

Insider Knowledge

In most cases, your private adventure guide will have extensive knowledge of the region you are visiting. When it comes to adventure travel, this component is especially useful, as you could easily become lost and out of cell range by trying to explore on your own. Along with this insider knowledge, your tour adventure tour guide will be able to translate if you are not fluent in their language as well as recommend additional activities in the area. When it comes to travel, never turn down the useful knowledge offered to you by a local.