Drafting off of the success of your competitors can be an effective way to snag top talent for one’s company. However, it is not an approach that can be used every time.

One’s recruitment efforts should always focus on their company’s core strengths, and what they have to offer the talents they seek. If one feels they cannot compete with other companies on pay packages or prestige, then perhaps recruiting top talent isn’t the best use of their resources. However, if one’s company does have something to stand on and they’re feeling competitive, there are several ways they can use to bring top talents on board.

1. Verify the Candidate’s Credentials

If one plans to recruit top talent, they should ensure that the candidate truly is among the best in their field. Thus, verification of credentials is a must before beginning the recruitment process. This includes a thorough screening of their education, experience, and skills.

2. Make an Offer Fast

One should immediately make an offer when they have identified the talent they wish to recruit. This is important because other companies are also seeking out candidates for the same position. Making an offer fast ensures that they are the first to contact potential recruits, giving them a significant advantage over their competitors.

3. Stay in Touch with Quality Candidates

Since one can not get all quality candidates on board at once due to various limiting factors, one should stay in touch with quality candidates after the recruitment process has ended. This is important because by staying in touch, these individuals will be more likely to accept one’s offer should they ever come around to it in the future. One can stay in touch with quality candidates by offering them a position should a suitable one come along or by simply reaching out from time to time to maintain contact.

4. Have Useful Job Descriptions

A good way to attract top talent for one’s company is by having useful job descriptions that focuses on what the candidate will be doing as opposed to what they might be doing. Since top talent is always on the lookout for a good challenge, focusing on the job’s main challenges will help them determine whether or not the position is worth their time.

5. Treat Current Employees Well

Since the top talents may have contacts with one’s current employees, one should make every effort to treat their current employees well. This will help to ensure that top talent understands they are valued by the company and market these sentiments to their contacts.