Remote interviewing is becoming more prevalent since 2020 than ever before for job hunters seeking virtual or on-site employment. Employers are adopting the latest trend, which is likely to remain for years to come for recruiting candidates to fill entry-level to executive positions. Preparing for virtual interviews can be a smooth ride for prospects using video technology, such as Zoom. Listed below are five helpful tips based on research that might result in the interviewees landing job offers.

Practice Tone, Facial Expressions, Gestures, and Body Language before the Virtual Interview

Research performed by Harvard Business Review in 2020 revealed that an interviewee should speak at 115 words per minute when communicating with the interviewer. Before the virtual interview, they should practice gestures using their hands, body language, and tone. Approximately 89 percent of the study participants were successful in using hand gestures.

Set Up Room Space for the Virtual Interview

Create an appropriate space and environment to prepare for the interview. An interviewee does not need an extravagant spot, but make sure it is clean and simple in the background. Have the lighting in the front instead of the back for a quality video caption. Check your internet connection and ask other users in the household to disconnect until after the interview is complete.

Be Prompt for the Interview

For a Zoom virtual interview, the interviewee should join the meeting 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Promptness is one criteria recruiters and managers look for when evaluating the best candidates for jobs.

Dress Appropriately for the Virtual Interview

Researchers recommend interviewees dress appropriately for the virtual interview as they would for in-person interviews. Avoid wearing flashy, oversized jewelry, including dangling earrings and bracelets. Wear solid colors that match the skin tone and avoid dark colors such as black or navy blue.

Followup on the Interview

The interviewees should keep their names on the interviewer’s mind by sending a friendly, handwritten note or through email. Wait until 24 hours after completing the interview to send the thank you note.

What causes applicants to be unsuccessful are distractions, failure to engage with their interviewers, and poor interviewing skills. Following these tips provided above will place job hunters at the top of the list of prospective hires. Preparation is the key to successfully landing the job.