Developing Your Business’s Mission Statement

A mission statement is a straightforward way that indicates the purpose of your organization on what the business does, how it carries out activities and explaining why they are doing it. Essentially, the mission statement should be brief, simple, and straightforward. However, the mission statement is an ongoing purpose, and therefore, do not change over time. The mission statement helps your business plan, evaluate performance, guide employees, and give them a sense of identity.


The mission statement should be unique. Furthermore, it should cover how the company serves customers, employees, owners, the community, and the world. The following tips will help you develop a good mission statement;

1. Keep it concise

A good mission statement should be short and precise, explaining all your business entails and making it straightforward for your customers to understand your intentions. This will, in return, help them build trust with you quickly and even market your business to other potential customers. Furthermore, it will help your employees work to achieve institutional goals. However, it is essential to include your core values in the most precise ways.

2. Be accurate

While writing the mission statement, it is advisable to include accurate and related information about your business. Your choice of words should not be catchy but informative and useful in communicating to the public and target audience. Furthermore, the mission statement must express the actual position of your business.

3. Be realistic

Every business tries to bring a solution to real challenges affecting the community/the society. Therefore, every business person needs to ensure that their mission statement is realistic and offers real solutions to the needs and desires of the customers, offering practical solutions to their employees and the general public at large.

4. Be unique

This entails being more specific on your goals, purpose, and values to ensure that your close competitors cannot copy your mission statement. To achieve this, you need to avoid using general wording while writing your mission statement. This way, you will be in a position to get a clear mission statement that will keep your business on track.

The above tips will help you gather information and integrate it to have a unique mission statement that will guide your business and keep your business on course to achieve your intended goals.